Cactus - The Holiday

Images from Cactus 2009

What is Cactus?
Cactus is a holiday which falls roughly on the last Saturday of July. When it falls on July 25th then it's considered Cactus Prime.
How is the date of the holiday determined?
A Shaman communes with the Great Cactus, and only after a full night of drunkeness and revelry is the date revealed to him.
How is the holiday observed?
A cactus plant is displayed in the home and presents for the children are placed beneath it. On Cactus morning, the children awake and open their gifts.
What about the adults?
The adults take photos and drink Margaritas and Mimosas.
Is Cactus sort of like Christmas?
Is Cactus sort of like Cinco De Mayo?
Where are you going with this?
Do the children wake up at the break of dawn to open their gifts?
The children of the house must not bother their parents until 12 noon or they will be punished.
What if the parents choose to do the gifts before noon?
Then the parents will be punished.